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Thank you for the Happy Birthday

By on Apr 2, 2009


We recently celebrated the first birthday of the Connection Café blog. When we launched the blog, we committed in the very first post to “writing about the issues you care about and the topics that can help you succeed online.” Based on the exceptional month-over-month growth in visitors and steady stream of insightful comments, our team of bloggers has been successful – and the future is even more exciting. While the blog is not about us, I did want to publicly thank our team for their commitment to providing the market with insight, ideas and lessons learned, for having the courage to share some of the mistakes made and for celebrating the success of our clients and partners. As CEO I get to brag about our people, so I wanted to make sure you saw this story in Social Computing Magazine about Connection Café.

Having just returned from AFP International conference, I had the opportunity to talk with executives and other professionals in the nonprofit arena about integrating offline and online channels, engaging donors in more compelling ways and to share ideas and listen to concerns about the ever changing world of social media.

In both the for-profit and nonprofit world, executives spend some of their time (ok, maybe much of it) worrying about the image and reputation of their organization. Like many of you, I was excited about the prospect of our blog but anxious about the “what ifs.” Our talented team, solid strategy and collaborative and open community of readers helped overcome that quickly.

To many this brave new world of user generated content is cause for concern – concern about the potential loss of control or a fear that employees will spend more time in the virtual world than in their real jobs. I think every executive feels anxiousness at some level or another (see “My Boss Doesn’t Get It” post). I can tell you that based on my experience, that of the clients I talk to and that we have worked with, the value of embracing social media and user generated content far out ways the risk at this point in time. And, while nonprofits are still in the early stages of harnessing this world to drive revenue, the value from an awareness and branding perspective is clear. The ability to move passionate people to take action with and for nonprofits is steadily growing. And I promise we’re here to help you embrace it.

As I mentioned earlier the future is very exciting. Today, new technologies and applications are aligning around people and ideas like never before. Be it out of necessity from the economic situation or simply because people are looking for better more efficient ways to use technology to support their mission, I find that people and organizations are more open to innovation and new ideas than ever before. I ask you to share your ideas, tell us what you want to hear more about and engage in the conversation. We’re here – ready to listen, to share and to discuss the people, ideas and technology that are fueling the industry we serve.

Thank you for a great first year!


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