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Creativity, Collaboration & Community – Three Words to Sum up the TAFA Conference

By on Jul 24, 2009


On the heels of the NTEN webinar on Community Building and Management showing nonprofit organizations how to socially enable their missions, Carie Lewis of the Humane Society of the United States has launched the TAFA Online Community for the 2009 Taking Action for Animals conference.

The entire conference site is socially enabled, but the Community page itself is “home base for all things social related to the conference”. 

The Community Dissected (elements of the page)

  • Google map highlighting where all the attendees are coming from
  • YouTube promo video for the conference 
  • A Register now button (helping engage and excite visitors first then pulling them to join the event)
  • Tweetup invite and signup, with the number of registrants appearing in real time
  • Avatars and links to profiles for Twitter-ers in the Community
  • Twitter feed from the @tafaconference
  • Twitter feed of all mentions using the #TAFA hastag
  • A Flickr gallery of all TAFA pictures from last year
  • The ability share the page Facebook or Twitter

What I love about this Community

The Humane Society took the “best of the best” in social media pertaining to the conference and put it on one main page to make it as easy as possible for users to find and engage with different aspects of the event. And to top it off, they made the page at no cost, using free widgets, embeds and online tools – a great idea for something like a conference that tends to only be relevant for a select period of time. 

What any nonprofit can take away from the TAFA Community Page

The conference is catering to the needs of its supporters and attendees, providing them with relevant, up-to-date information. By having this site go live about a month before the actual conference, they were able to help build excitement around the event, provide a one-stop-shop for engagement and give people what any conference attendee wants: a place to learn, share and collaborate!

You don’t have to be an uber-techie or even have a budget for social media to accomplish what’s been done here!

Thinking about starting a community for your organization and need some best practices to guide you? Slides on Best Practices for Managing an Online Community from last week’s NTEN webinar are posed on Slideshare.


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