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Time to think…SXSW

By on Aug 20, 2010


I understand that it’s August, but I can’t stop thinking about March.  It’s cooler outside and March Madness is going on.  It’s also the month that has the best week and a half of my year.  It’s SXSW.  I started going to SXSW music events and shows in 1996 and I have not stopped.  I recently started going to the Interactive part of the conference and it has been an exciting learning experience every time.  I love the fact I can talk about emerging technologies, social media, video games and new innovations with people just as excited about it as I am!  One great piece of this experience is the ability to vote and comment on proposed panels.  The panel picker is out and there are some great choices in the nonprofit realm.  Definitely check out all the panel possibilities, but here are 5 nonprofit panel proposals to consider!

1.  Our own Jordan Viator (@jordanv) has submitted a panel proposal on getting advanced with social media for social good.  Hear from technologists and nonprofits on how to define and implement the ideal strategy and get advanced with metrics to make social a key component of online fundraising and advocacy campaigns.  Here’s the panel description for more info and to vote.

2.  Staying within the social media world and nonprofits, there is another great panel on how social networking is changing advocacy.  The panel hopes to present how innovative nonprofit organizations are paving the way for driving social change through the use of social technologies and how to use those same strategies.  Here’s the panel description for more info and to vote.

3. Beth Kanter (@kanter) has a session proposed based on The Networked Nonprofit, a book she co-authored with Allison Fine.  It should be a fantastic discussion about nonprofits changing from stand-alone institutions to energized networks.  Here’s the panel description for more info and to vote.

4. Nonprofits + Facebook = Awesome.  It’s an equation I think most would agree with.  This discussion proposal explores how nonprofits are using Facebook and how to integrate the platform into nonprofit fundraising and advocacy programs. Here’s the panel description for more info and to vote.

5. This panel proposal from Andy Carvin (@acarvin) on putting the public back in Public Media looks intriguing.  Looking at the ways NPR and PBS are working with the public and how the public can get involved are the two main points of the panel.  Here’s the panel description for more info and to vote.


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