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Stop and recognize success

By on Apr 17, 2009


In our busy lives and work roles, we often complete one task, campaign or program and move right into the next one. While we most often measure our success in terms of people reached, moved or touched, through the dollars raised or volunteers recruited, we often forget to stop and recognize success.  So today, thanks to the Webby Awards, we get to stop and say well done and congratulations to three members of the Convio community who are nominees for the 13th Annual Webby Awards:

In the activism category both Rock the Vote and Protect and Acre (Conservation International) have been nominated. Protect an Acre worked with Atmosphere BBDO to create the program.

In the Charitable Organizations Nonprofit category our friends at “The Nature Conservancy: Protecting Nature, Preserving Life” are nominated.

On behalf of the Convio community congratulations on your success – it reflects the leadership, talent, creativity and passion of the people behind the cause. Job well done!

We also get very busy and focused on the parts of the world that we touch – when I worked in the computer industry, that seemed to be all I heard about. When I was in the energy and water sector, it was water and electricity (and politics) all day – everyday. One of the best things about working for a company that supports nonprofits is the diversity of the organizations I get to see in action, read about or help celebrate their success.  That’s also one of the fun parts of this blog – sharing success of these great organizations with our readers.  It’s also neat to see the collaboration and sharing across organizations in our community at events like NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference next week, AFP International a few weeks ago and the upcoming IFC Online Conference.  By the way, rumor has it the Fire Marshall is attending NTC as the crowd will not only be hot with ideas, but the number of people interested exceeds the space – nice work NTENers.

Their recognition and the excitment around NTC reminds me of one the most fun events I was able to participate in last year. Heather Smith, Executive Director for Rock the Vote and a number of other thought leaders and “doers” in the marketing participated in an event titled “Converging Campaigns, How the Internet is Changing Philanthropy, Advocacy and Politics.” You can see Heather’s passion and leadership in the some of the video clips from the event. You can also watch the entire event as the information is as relevant post election as it was then.

Long way to get to the point – sharing and celebrating success, collaborating around great ideas and passion people are what this market is all about and what we strive to share here at Connection Cafe.

Stop is over. Time to get moving and experience even more success!


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