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Stimulating the Senses with Dynamic Images, Photos, & Video – Part I

By on Nov 15, 2010


When in-person is simply not an option, consider using multimedia to enhance your site and make it visually appealing – videos, photos, images, podcasts and even live streaming video are great ways to share your organization’s culture and engage with constituents using a personal, interactive touch.

In Part 1 of this series, I will layout three multimedia hosting and management provider options that allow you to incorporate video easily and effectively into your website.  In Part 2 (coming soon) I’ll discuss ideas, uses, and strategies for incorporating these visual elements into your online strategy to help accomplish your goals and better communicate with your constituents. First, let’s all get on the same page.

Hosting your own multimedia is a thing of the past

There are so many thoughtful, forward-thinking, flexible, and versatile options out there for multimedia publishing; it’s hard to imagine anyone would bog down their website with large video, audio and image files.

The options discussed below even have security parameters (along with your CMS security) to determine who can see, view, and edit these files.

Besides, the bottom line is that if you don’t host with YouTube, Slideshow Pro Director, or Vimeo, you may not be able to leverage powerful social networking/sharing tools.  The purpose of having video on your website is for viral marketing, communication, and engagement, right?  Let’s utilize a tool that will allow that to happen!


  • Free Hosting – 500 MB of storage
  • Easy video upload, management and usage.
  • Nominal Fees for added security parameters and additional storage.
  • Social Media integration – Allow users to “like” and “share” videos with friends through multiple social media channels.
  • Supports HTML5, a public, open web standard for developing allowing for improved support in the base platform of the web.
  • Vimeo allows for video site maps, which Google has stated will greatly improve SEO for published videos on public sites.  For the more savvy users of video, this should be a consideration when choosing video source and hosting.

Vimeo Widgets make it easy to update, change or add videos quickly. Hubnut is a TV-style video viewing, easily embedded in social networking sites. Badge creates a fun, styled visual montage of your latest videos, easily embedded on your website, social networking sites or any external location you wish.

SlideshowPro Director

  • Includes photo, image and video upload, management and usage.
  • Mobile player enabled allowing for automated sharing on mobile devices
    multilingual Interface.
  • Social networking and viral marketing options available to incorporate into any published multimedia slideshow created.
  • Free hosting, security parameters and additional social networking options built in
    host multimedia with a single, more cost effective vendor.


Now that we’ve determine WHAT we’ll use, let’s dig in to how we can effectively use these solutions to accomplish our own fundraising, communication, engagement and viral marketing goals.  Stay tuned for my next post!


Kelley Jarrett has built her professional career around a combined passion for creating compelling marketing strategies and helping nonprofits achieve optimal mission impact. Prior to her current role as head of marketing for Blackbaud Nonprofit Solutions, Kelley served in many service-oriented positions at Blackbaud as a solutions consultant, solutions engineer, and in customer success leadership, learning first-hand of the challenges and opportunities nonprofits face, and helping to create solutions for success. Kelley enjoys balancing her home life, living near the beach in Charleston, SC as a wife and mother to 2 independent girls, with her passion for social good, both at Blackbaud and as a Board Director of Palmetto Goodwill.

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