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Staying connected with your peers in LinkedIn – Discussion groups!

By on Jun 21, 2011


There are many ways for fundraisers to stay connected with each other in the realm of social media.  I have to admit to being a PRSPCT-L junkie.  This listserv has been around keeping prospect research professionals connected way before the term “Social Media” and “Social Network” became part of the worldwide technological lexicon.  I check it out every day, and through this tremendous method of communication I am learning about new and innovative resources for prospect research, data mining, and most importantly schools of thought on a myriad of subjects.  I am finding one of the best sources for connectivity in the world of social media is LinkedIn.  I am a member of several, but here are just some you may find helpful:

  •  APRA – Your Partners in Fundraising (note that both assoc. members and nonmembers welcome)
  • APRA-MN (or whatever state you live in)
  • California Advancement Researchers Association (CARA)
  • Researchers in Fundraising
  • Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Fundraising Analytics Forum
  • Association of Advancement Services Professionals AASP
  • Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising Tips
  • Nonprofit Professionals Forum
  • Mobile Technology for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Online Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations
  • On Fundraising, Hosted by AFP
  • Council for Advancement and Support of Education
  • Innovative Fundraising & Philanthropic Innovation Network
  • Professional Speakers on Philanthropy
  • Of course… Blackbaud… And
  • Blackbaud Users Forum

There are many other discussion groups, but I am finding that these are the most helpful in relation to the fundraising profession.  I am also interested in other groups in LinkedIn related to social media innovation and the latest thinking in this realm.  Here are some that you may find helpful if this topic is of interest to you:

  • Social Media Innovators Innovation Network
  • YouTube innovators Innovation & Creativity You Tube Network
  • facebook innovators Innovation & Creativity Face Book Network
  • twitter innovators Innovation & Creativity Network of Tweeters

There are other discussion groups related to Social Media, but many seem to be self-promotion and you may or may not find them useful.  Also keep in mind that some of the ones I have mentioned sometimes go off into a “salesy” mode, but just like anything else I simply ignore those posts unless I am truly interested in something they are offering.  Mainly my advice with these various discussion groups within the LinkedIn platform is to start observing the discussions, and then you can always feel free to ask questions and offer up discussion topics.  I am finding many of the “regulars” offer excellent information, and you will find that your fellow colleagues will serve as important topical resources.

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