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Socialnomics Book Report

By on Aug 29, 2011


Remember back in sixth grade when you had a summer reading list?

Big nerd that I am, I never quit having a summer reading list. The 2012 Summer Reading List for me included some light reading like The Confession (ok maybe that one wasn’t so light…) and Water for Elephants and also some real homework, Socialnomics.

If you are more of a Cliff Notes type student, well, I’m going to be your enabler (though I do encourage you to read it the old-fashioned, word-for-word way). Here are some of the stand-out points from Socialnomics by Erik Qualman.

  • “Only five percent of users go to the second page” of search engine results. That means if you are a horse organization in Wichita and “horses, Wichita” doesn’t bring you up wicked fast, kiss those web visitors goodbye. Employ Lacey’s content marketing tips to help make your site front page news.
  • “Today 80 percent of all companies use social media tools to recruit” ergo, professional people are on online. Ergo, your organization needs to be online, especially on LinkedIn; not just for recruiting mind-blowing talent but for connecting with talented volunteers, donors, etc.
  • “[The most popular Facebook application] was an application called ‘Causes’ with almost 20 million active monthly users.” Great news! People aren’t just talking about what they ate for breakfast, they are using social media to affect change. Now you know: people like personal/social fundraising and you need to help them do it for your cause.
  • “By engaging constituents directly, [the Obama campaign was] able to raise a staggering $660 million in campaign contributions.” As if you needed another reason to become really good at engaging your constituents.
  • “The concern is whether the can give their loyal fans something to pass on that makes them (loyal fans) look cool.” At Convio, we hope fundraising and marketing tips make you look cool to your boss and peers. At your organization, what would make your constituents look cool? If you aren’t sure yet, that’s OK. Just ask your constituents.
  • “It’s vitally important to fish where the fish are” and the fish are online. The fish are also listening to the radio, watching the news, reading magazines and having good old-fashioned get-togethers. I have one hyphenated word for you: Multi-channel.

And since when the teacher asks you for critical analysis you can’t just talk about the stuff you liked, here’s a few points that I disagree with or at least am bummed out by

  • “Oral communication skills decline.” Sad, isn’t it? I vote we rebel by insisting on giving good presentations, making phone calls and having in-person meetings. Remember the battle cry: Multi-channel!
  • “Investing time on social media actually makes you more productive.” Not sold. But then again, I’ve basically always had social media so I’m not really sure what my productivity looks like without it.
  • “Social media allows individuals to take real-time inventories of their lives and helps answer the age-old question ‘What am I doing with my life?’” Seriously? I dig social media but maybe this one is taking it a bit too far.

A few silly/sad points aside, Socialnomics was a good read overall. I was highlighting and note taking up a storm. I recommend picking up a copy for yourself and at the very least knowing and acting on this one decree: Organizations need to be online and interacting. Now.


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