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By on Jul 9, 2009


Last week marked the launch of the newest resource site and treasure trove for the nonprofit community – I had the pleasure of meeting J.D. Lasica, creator of the site, at this year’s NTC and have been anxiously awaiting the launch since then.

What is

In the words of the site: “Socialbrite is a learning hub & sharing community that brings together top experts in social media, social causes and online philanthropy.” Much like we’ve strived to do with Connection Café, Socialbrite’s mission is to share insights about tools and best practices that “drive the social Web and advance the social good.”

Who can you find adding content on Socialbrite?

Only some of the best and brightest in social media for nonprofits, of course. Contributors to the site (at this point at least) include:

Just a few of the highlights on the site

  • A directory of Web 2.0 Productivity Tools in dozens of categories that can help organizations get a handle on the social Web.
  • A Social Media Glossary that offers a deep, friendly introduction to dozens of social media terms in plain English.
  • A first-of-its-kind Twitter widget that tracks tweets about nonprofits or social causes in real time.
  • A Free Photos Directory, Free Video Directory and Free Music Directory that offers nonprofits, cause organizations and Web publishers a guide to hundreds of online resources for adding legal, high-quality content to their own websites, blogs, newsletters, printed materials or online presentations.
  • A Causes widget that points to charitable actions and donations on other sites such as Global Giving and Facebook Causes.
  • Scores of additional articles, guides and tutorials to help newcomers and veterans alike get better acquainted with this fast-moving space.

True to its online description, seems to be helping fill a gap in the social media world – providing a centralized site to find various elements of information on interactive and social media.

Props to J.D. Lasica and team on such a great launch – can’t wait to see what you gals and guys have in store for all of us!


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