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Socialize the Sign-In – And Never Forget Your Password Again

By on Mar 25, 2011


How many times have your constituents emailed you about forgetting their password?

My newest pal at Convio, Natalie Cole*, sent me a link to this blog post
that confirms using a what I think we all feel in our bones:  more
people prefer signing into websites using an existing account
creating a new profile.

I’ve certainly seen a lot of this all over the internet lately –
websites from The Huffington Post to commerical sites have been offering
me to sign in using my Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, or other account
instead of registering to create a profile.  And I do that pretty often –
mostly because I am less likely to forget my Gmail or Facebook password
as opposed to the hundreds of logins that I have for all the random
sites I’ve create profiles in over the years.

It’s also a great idea to let your users have a choice about how their login credentials.  Using something that’s already familiar to them, like Facebook, Google or Twitter will make it easier to sign up new members on your site.  If people are signed into your site, then you can offer them different content based on who they are or what they are interested in (see my post from last week about segmenting – the principles can apply to content on your website as well).  This is a more compelling experience for visitors to your website. 

And finally, from a practical perspective, if people remember their login, then you’ll have fewer duplicates created.  Nobody likes duplicates!

Convio clients can do this right now.  In a previous release,
Convio started offering clients the opportunity to configure your Convio Online Marketing and Convio CMS software with Gigya – a provider that enables social sign-in
and also social sharing, an easy way for your constituents to post links
to your pages, Action Alerts, donation forms to their social networking

Let’s look at some examples:

If registration is a part of your organization’s strategy for your website and online engagement, then I think this would give your efforts a boost.  There’s really no reason not to do it!

the singer Natalie Cole, although this has made for some amusing and
witty one-liners as we’ve gotten to know Natalie.  So please, no phone
calls or requests for autographs.


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