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Show your Constituents the Love Using CRM this Valentine’s Day (and all year long)

By on Feb 8, 2013


February is the month when it’s hard not to be reminded that love is in the air.  Showing constituents we care and are grateful for their support is one of the key pillars of successful long-term constituent engagement. So below, a few tips on ways to think about how to use Constituent Relationship Management(CRM)-powered data insights to tell them again how much you care and are grateful for their support:

The Anniversary

Many organizations already have something like an anniversary package, e-card, phone call in the marketing mix.  It’s a great annual reminded to the supporter that we know how long they’ve been with us and appreciate their loyalty. Most of these are based on some channel or transaction specific interaction: first donation, first time signed up to participate in an event, etc.

In a CRM-powered world, you may now have data to a much more robust view of a constituent’s history with you. Think of creative ways to acknowledge all the other ‘anniversaries’ or call out special milestones. Maybe you now know that I volunteered with you long before I became a donor, so really, we’ve been “together” 10 years instead of 5. Or maybe you can acknowledge that time I stepped up my commitment and became not just a donor to a participant in an event, but an actual team captain. Recognizing these important milestones doesn’t just go a long way make me feel warm and fuzzy, it also communicates that you “know” me and understand my “real” commitment to your organization.

The Gift

Now that you may have more insight into how I’ve been interacting with your organization, think about how your incentive program may need restructuring (if you have one). Let’s say you have a thank you club that’s based on some sort of relationship longevity or level of commitment (so at 5 years you send me a snow globe with your org’s logo on it).  Looking at the data though, it shows you that I am constantly clicking on emails, or responding to DM pieces that offer a calendar premium (up front or back end).  Perhaps for my next incentive milestone, a nice glossy calendar or some kind of calendar-related download might be the gift to show me just how much you really understand me. Consider how this might work with sustainers as well–a well timed incentive offer based on your knowledge of what I like may be just the thing to get me to upgrade.

Show Me

As in show me just how well you really know me. One of the most powerful tools that CRM-driven data access can give us is the vast amount of insight into who I am and how I’ve interacted with you. Start using data to personalize communications. It’s not enough to just show me you know my name by personalizing that in your email or direct mail piece.  Think about sprinkling in other pieces of personal information that will make me feel like you are actually paying attention.  Did I set up an honor-memorial fundraising page two years ago? Maybe I called your donor relations department to comment on how helpful the resources you provided on your website for researching treatments for my grandpa’s cancer diagnosis were.  In theory, your integrated constituent tracking system knows all this.  Use this info to personalize my experience (and sure, you may have to group me with some others).


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