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Shameless Ask, Looking for SXSW 2012 Nonprofit Votes!

By on Sep 1, 2011



SXSW 2012 VOTINGSXSW 2012 session voting is nearing the end. We’ve got until Friday Sept 9th (right, tomorrow).

If you’re not familiar with the process The  SXSW Interactive Festival (scheduled March, 2012 in Austin, Texas) is a huge new media event.  Final program is selected through a combination open voting and secret SXSW staff magic.

That mean’s is WE NEED YOUR VOTES! Uhmm, I should be more specific. We need your thumbs UP vote 🙂

Here’s a few session to get you started. Let the voting begin …

Making Social Media Measurement Sexy

This interactive panel will showcase nonprofit case studies about advanced social media campaigns with multi-channel marketing strategies linked to CRM services. Leading nonprofits practitioners will share all about how they use measurement to improve strategy and prove results. The session will strip away the mystery of measuring engagement, donor conversions, and on the ground social change. The interactive session be a fun, entertaining way to learn from nonprofit social media practitioners — sages with gauges who want social good to “ruler” the universe for a good cause!

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Boost Fundraising & Engagement w/ “Gamification”

Gamification, eh? You’ve seen it all over the place, but likely never noticed. From Farmville and Mafia Wars to Foursquare and Gowalla, gamification has spread like wild fire in recent years – Daily deal platforms are incenting you with group-buying, credit card companies are rewarding you with cash back, and airlines are offering you free flights for miles/points. But did you know that nonprofits have been using gaming tactics for years? Join us and we’ll show you real world examples of “gamified” fundraising initiatives, simple gaming tactics that have been proven to work, and how to take advantage of gamification at your organization.

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Change Makers: How Nonprofits Create Change Online

Through social media, nonprofits can launch a movement, create buzz around a cause, and build a community. But how do you make sure that members of your community aren’t slactivists who “like” your organization but don’t do anything to help you reach your mission? How do you convert those social “do-gooders” into helping you create change? Join us as we discuss how three organizations have figured out how to ignite their communities and leverage their online platforms to create change through volunteerism at VolunteerMatch, crowdsourced fundraising at GiveForward, and small-scale donations at Jolkona. Come ready to interact, discuss, and figure out how to convert your supporters into active change agents for good.

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SXSX 2012

Beyond the above there are tons of additional nonprofit sessions. You can check out some of the other ones folks have highlighted … Beth chimes in. VolunteerMatch has a few suggestions. SmallAct has some things to look forward to. I’m sure there are plenty of other folks suggesting sessions … make sure to let us know in the comments.

We’ve even got a few more on tap ….


More by Blackbaud …


Epic Fail! When Social Good Goes Bad

Have you ever been frightened knowing that on Friday nights the intern still has the keys to your Twitter account? Nonprofit organizations have charged full throttle into the world of social media, and the channel’s open nature has made it easy to stumble along the way. There have been contests with nothing but crickets, comment wars where everyone loses, and the inadvertent mixing of personal and business accounts – often with hilarious results (who here’s #gettingslizzard?) This panel breaks down social good campaigns that have failed, looks at some infamous gaffes and missed opportunities, while providing ways to avoid embarrassing entanglements in the future. With the right attitude and response, you can tweet your next epic fail into an epic win!

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Nonprofit Website Extreme Makeover

Looking for an extreme makeover for your nonprofit’s website? Look no further! Attend this 1 hour speed-dating style workshop as you’re taken through a journey that is destined to take your website to the next level. Spend 3 minutes with each “date” that holds the subject matter expertise on Website Strategy, Interactive Design, Email Marketing, Online Event Fundraising and Social Media. Walk out with an actionable plan relevant to your specific nonprofit! Targeted for Beginner to Intermediate audiences.

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Better Nonprofit Websites: 52 Tweaks in 52 Weeks

You’re busy, your time is limited, your resources are stretched thin–yet you know your organization’s website could be better. Take a deep breath. We’ve compiled 52 easy to implement tips to help you get there. Commit less than an hour each week to one of these suggestions — 52 tweaks in 52 weeks — and improve your website by next year’s conference. These best practice ideas will improve search engine optimization, increase visitor retention & return, and better engage constituents while also raising more money! This session is not software-specific and even seasoned website managers will walk away with new ideas. Join us for 52n52!

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101 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits

Based on the upcoming book 101 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits (Wiley, 2012), co-authors Melanie Mathos and Chad Norman will provide nonprofits 101 ways to engage supporters, share their missions and inspire action using the social web in a quick-paced, case study-driven format. Nonprofits know they need to start engaging with supporters through social media channels. They identify who they want to reach, set objectives and build a strategy. Many nonprofits get stuck at this point because it is hard to keep up with the ever-evolving world of social media tools and tactics in what has emerged as a vital communication channel. This session will help nonprofits discover new ways of deploying their strategy and meeting their social media objectives.

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We super appreciate your time, attention and votes!



Frank Barry, formerly worked at Blackbaud helping nonprofits use the Internet for digital communication, social media, and fundraising. He’s worked with a diverse group of organizations including LIVESTRONG, United Methodist Church, American Heart Association, Big Brothers Big Sisters, ChildFund Int’l, InTouch Ministries, Heifer Int’l, University of Notre Dame and University of Richmond. Along with writing for industry publications like Mashable and Social Media Today, Frank facilitates discussions, presents solo sessions and organizes panels for industry conferences such as NTC, SXSW, BBCon and numerous others. When he’s out and about he enjoys talking to interesting people about how they are changing the world – check out his interviews. Say Hi on Twitter – @franswaa or Google+

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