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Salmon and Syrup Save the Seals. Seriously.

By on Mar 17, 2010


The Humane Society of the United States is no stranger to cutting edge advocacy campaigns and they’ve got another winner on their hands right now. HSUS has just launched “Seriously, Canada?”, a campaign to call on the Canadian government to end the seal hunt. If you’re not familiar with the seal hunt, each year Canada allows the hunting of baby seals to reduce the population. This year, the thinning sea ice is already causing a reduced seal population but the government is still allowing the seal slaughter.


This is where our friends as HSUS have created a compelling campaign worthy of the viral traffic it’s getting. While taking the pledge for Seriously, Canada?, commit what action you’ll take if Canada ends the hunt – such as buy a lifetime supply of maple syrup, book a romantic getaway to Niagara Falls, eat Candian seafood , or if you’re really committed shave a maple leaf into your head.


The finish page of the campaign shows a scrolling list of campaign participants and the actions they’ve chosen to take.  You’ll also receive a thank you note that allows you to update your Facebook status or Tweet your specific pledge. Also, there’s a link to the HSUS store where you can purchase a tshirt or mug sporting the specific action you chose to take. If you’re not into any of those options, you can type up one of your own.  The only drawback to the campaign is that I had to take off my maple leaf Olympic mittens to participate!


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