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Same Old Same Old Routine

By on Jul 28, 2010


I was lucky to be one of the faculty members for the recent New Researchers Symposium held during the APRA Conference last week in Anaheim. They were a dynamic and engaging group of individuals.  They are eager to learn and have not quite gotten into old habits.  It is very easy just to find one search engine and only use that.

Thus begins the same old same old routine.

Just as all prospects are not alike, neither are the tools we have at our disposal.  Be sure to use more than one search engine when looking to find that additional data on your prospects.  Occasionally go back to search engines that you used in the past and see if there have been any enhancements or changes.   Here is something even more radical – take a field trip to your local public or university library.  There are many great resources available at your finger tips aside from those marvelous librarians who are always there to provide assistance.


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