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Weekly Nonprofit Roundup: Relevant Messaging, Planned Giving Tips, and Data Secrets

By on Aug 18, 2013


Weekly nonprofit content marketing update

A lot can happen in 7 days..

You could drive from coast to coast.

Have your new single leaked on the internet and be forced to release it early (like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga).

Raise thousands of dollars to give a little boy the best year of his life.

Or even…

Create content that helps nonprofits raise more money, reach more donors and devote more time to mission advancement – like the pieces you’ll find below.

Sip your coffee and enjoy.

Here Are This Week’s Nonprofit Highlights

  1. Kivi Leroux Miller’s post Be More Relevant by Being More Responsive discusses how nonprofits can create more relevant messaging for their participants, supporters, and influencers.
  2. Beth Kanter’s guest star, Ann Emory, offers up the Top Ten Chart Secrets from a Nonprofit Data Nerd
  3. Fired Up Fundraising’s Gail Perry insists that planned giving is a must, and she offers a “quick and dirty” plan that can be (and should be) easily implemented: No Time for Planned Giving? Try These Quick Ideas!
  4. Are you ready to segment? Elizabeth Ricca addresses the need to begin laying the groundwork for your year-end segmentation strategy in her post on the Big Duck Blog.
  5. On episode 8 of npvoices, Steve Maclaughlin talks with Jay Frost, Jocelyn Harmon, and Michael stein about major giving trends, advice for new nonprofit professionals and donation form testing.
  6. Scott Gilman sheds some light on what the new Gmail tabs mean for nonprofits in his npEngage post, New Gmail Tabs and Nonprofits: don’t Panic, Don’t Assume the Worse and Keep an Eye on It

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