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Reaching Millennial Donors

By on Aug 7, 2012


“When does someone become a philanthropist?”

An interesting question I heard at the MCON conference a couple of weeks ago. And one that makes me asks, are nonprofits overlooking their millennial donors and prospects? (Those are the folks born after 1980.)

Communicating and engaging millennial donors and volunteers is different than other generations. The 2012 Millennial Impact Report shows…

  • 65% prefer to learn about nonprofits through their website
  • 58% prefer short-term volunteer commitment
  • 42% said they give to whatever inspires them in the moment
  • 65% prefer to read about news when a nonprofit sends email
  • 67% have interacted with a nonprofit through Facebook

When you’re crafting your strategy for reaching out and engaging this generation here are a few things to consider:

  • Find a brand ambassador, someone who can have a dialogue and be authentic with other young people
  • Don’t talk at them through social media, talk TO them, inspire them to share your message
  • If you are on Facebook, Twitter, sending an email or speaking at an event, remember that your message carries the generation, not the technology
  • Bring them to the table, whether your are engaging young volunteers or staff, this generation has value and something to contribute, treat them as equals.

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