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Raising Money Equals Better Looking

By on Nov 15, 2011


Raising more money makes you better looking.

Well, maybe not. But you’ll feel like you are better looking.

Having a pulse on the current giving environment is critical for any nonprofit organization that is looking to raise more money and spend less money doing so.

We recently released our most up-to-date Atlas of Giving report that takes a look at current giving trends to provide guidance for nonprofits on what to expect (and not to expect) as we finish out 2011 and roll into 2012.

U.S. giving is up 7.7 percent in 2011 through October. The forecast suggests that, unfortunately, giving will be flat for the 12 months ahead – with some months being dramatically lower than the previous year. April 2012 is expected to be down 5.5 percent from April 2011. September 2012, however, is currently projected to be 5.9 percent better than September 2011. Pay attention to the monthly forecast, so that you can schedule mailings, events and other activities for times when they will have an optimal chance for producing successful returns.

In particular, the first 7 months of 2012 appear to be unfavorable, so plan accordingly.

Political fundraising is affecting charitable giving. Individuals and companies are redirecting contributions that would normally go to charity to political campaigns instead.  This phenomenon will increase as the campaign season heats up.

Keep this in mind as you make plans for 2012.

There is a great deal more information in the report that will help charities plan and take advantage of both up times and down times in the giving cycle. Check it out here: https://atlasofgiving.com/

The above post is by Rob Mitchell, CEO for the Atlas of Giving.


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