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Prune that list STAT!

By on Nov 9, 2010


In September we talked about how the quality of your list is more important than the size.

Then in October we talked about the need for great content, segmenting, and timeliness.

Now in November I want you to read this case study put out by MarketingSherpa about how a nonprofit organization, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, did the following:

  • pruned its list WAY back by 95.9%
  • revamped its content
  • re-engaged the subscribers, segmenting the most active for a special re-engagement message
  • delivered consistent high-quality content
  • continually scrubbed the list to remove duplicates and bouncing e-mails

And guess what?  They more than doubled their online ticket sales by doing so, and then grew the list back.  They have a smaller list, sure – but it’s WAY more responsive to the messages they receive.  Read all about it.

This study is available for open access until November 19, and there are links to some creative samples that you can peruse.

No doubt, it’s a daunting thought to think about getting rid of most of your list.  But what opportunities are you missing by not taking this kind of drastic action?  Simply cutting your list back by itself isn’t enough – you’ll need to rethink your content and engagement strategy.  But as the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra proved, it can be worth it!  And that’s music to my ears.


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