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Nothing But Net – Aid for Haiti Gets Webby

By on Jan 22, 2010


Like all of you, I’ve been terribly saddened by the catastrophic earthquake that rocked Haiti last week. The suffering appears overwhelming, but so has the outpouring of aid and support for the Haitian people. Watching the nonprofit community step-up and shine in this time of need reminds me why I love working in this sector (check out all these amazing orgs that are helping in Haiti.)

The geek in me couldn’t help notice how technology is helping the recovery efforts. Online donation systems are collecting funds at a feverish pace, while Twitter is buzzing with live reports, celebrity fundraising appeals, and is seamlessly integrated into live Google searches. Millions have been raised effortlessly via mobile devices, showing just how powerful SMS fundraising has become. I was able to follow the story around the clock thanks to the web, checking out before-and-after Google Maps and watching live footage of cameras peering into the rubble. At times like this, it’s so obvious how important these web-based channels have become.

That’s why I was stoked, and I mean STOKED, when Blackbaud announced they were giving $50,000 to, one of the webbiest organizations out there. They specialize in building communication networks in developing countries, and connectivity is critical in disaster recovery situations. NetHope is collecting funds to help get humanitarian organizations the communications infrastructure they need to get the job done. In fact, they’re working nonstop to provide access for nonprofit organizations on the ground in Haiti – that’s just webtastic!

Cheers to the good folks at NetHope – your focus on restoring communication is making a huge impact on many lives. If you’re into webby things like I am, consider giving them a donation that will directly help the recovery efforts. You can also follow their progress on Twitter.


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