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Gear Up For Giving: Social Media Tutorial Series for Nonprofits

By on Sep 23, 2009


The Case Foundation is in the middle of a month-long series called “Gear Up for Giving” to provide social media tutorials to help nonprofits and their supporters understand how to use key tools and techniques to create awareness, catalyze civic action and cultivate new supporters and donors for their causes.

They’ve even compiled this helpful, fun video to provide a quick primer on the subject. At less than 6 minutes, there are some key nuggets of advice and information in here that every nonprofit should know and take to heart (props to See3 on the great production).

Each week, the Case Foundation is also featuring access to some of the best experts in the field during our live online Q&A sessions with Giving Gurus.(From expert bloggers to Executive Directors and technology leaders, there’s a great lineup here so everyone should have an opportunity to engage with some of the leaders in the field.)

My favorite part of the program is the great round-up of social media resources the Foundation has provided in a one-stop-shop style on the site. Still looking to learnt he basics of the tools? Explain social media to your boss? Or need rationale on why your organization should be adopting social media across the organization? Resource jackpot! 

Dig in, learn and share my nonprofit friends:

Social Media Strategy 

Effective Blogging

Microblogging with Twitter

Social Networking with Facebook

Video Sharing with YouTube

Causes on Facebook

Which of these resources is most helpful to you? Is there a specific area that you want to learn or hear more about? Or do you know of other resources worth sharing?

Let me know!


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