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Nonprofit Online Experts share top 4 tips for using YouTube

By on Dec 3, 2008


Fresh from the holiday weekend, many nonprofits are back in the office this week focusing on end of the year efforts to pull in holiday giving dollars and advocacy actions to help with end of year campaigns.

Along with those fundraising and advocacy efforts, organizations are also asking questions in the planning process for the new year — What will be your 2009 organizational goals? What will your main fundraising and outreach campaigns consist of? How will you alter you tactics in the uncertain economy? How will your organization make better use of the Internet? 

And more specifically – how can your organization better use social media tools and tactics like video sharing to help with the above questions?

In a follow up from last week’s YouTube session primer video, Kate, Tim, Carie and Ramya each provided their one top piece of advice for nonprofits looking to use YouTube in the new year.

These nonprofit expert’s top four tips?

1. Just start, just try! “I mean, what the worst that happens if your video only gets 50 views?” – Tim Fullerton from Oxfam America
2. Include your URL so that people are driven back to your site – Kate Sands Adams from the IRC
3. Link back to the advocacy or fundraising campaign to drive viewers to take action – Carie Lewis from the HSUS
4. Engage in the YouTube community by subscribing to other channels and commenting on other videos – Ramya Raghavan from the YouTube Nonprofit Program 

Check out the full clip below (2:07 mins) to hear what these organizations have done to make online video sharing more effective in their organizations.


As for the rest of you nonprofit techies and online experts – share your top tips for using YouTube and online video to help other nonprofits better plan for the new year!


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