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7 Takeaways from the New Nonprofit Online Fundraising Guide

By on Jul 16, 2010


Everybody loves a great best practices guide, especially when it’s one that can help you do your job better and more effectively. And with such impressive growth in the world on online fundraising, nonprofit organizations are realizing the power of the Internet more and more with each passing day and looking for best practices to help leverage the Internet to raise funds.

A new nonprofit online fundraising guide from Convio does just that.  With 40 pages chock full of best practices, tips for success and examples from other nonprofits exemplifying online success, the guide covers basic concepts for taking advantage of the Internet for your fundraising programs.

The guide is a “must read” for any organization eager to learn how to better harness the Internet, or for organizations looking for a good refresher and update on newer tactics. Here are a few central tips and takeaways I had after reading the guide:

1. Building an Email Address File: The first step you need to take is building your list of constituent email addresses.  By building your list, you are developing online relationships with the people who care about your cause.

2. Developing Online Relationships with Supporters: The Internet is a fast and cost-effective communication channel to engage with your constituents.  You can build relationships through proper engagement and, in turn, build on your online campaigns.

3. Raising Funds Through Run/Walk/Ride Events and Personal Fundraising Sites: Peer-to peer fundraising does more than just raise money for your cause.  Many organizations have discovered the effectiveness and efficiency of tapping their biggest “fans” for fundraising events such as walks, runs and rides.  Personal fundraising websites are also a way to tap into supporters throughout the year outside of run/walk/ride events, as well.

4. Key Metrics: There’s no use in running a campaign if you can’t figure out its level of success.  Your organization must define its goals and track metrics to determine how successful your campaign has been.

5. Online Constituent Relationship Management: It’s time to involve your donors, your volunteers and your supporters in more than just one activity.  Get them involved in multiple ways to help benefit your organization.

6. Social media: Social technologies are becoming an increasingly important part of an integrated strategy for nonprofit organizations to list build and raise awareness and funds in online campaigns.

7. Examples, examples, examples:  The guide includes tons of examples from nonprofit organizations of all shapes and sizes. Different case studies of all of the different tips provided in the guide help provide a more robust framework and understanding of how anyone looking to raise more funds online can optimize their programs.

The above 7 only hit the tip of the iceberg of what the nonprofit online fundraising guide offers.

Think something else in the guide should be higher on the list of takeaways? Have a great example you don’t see in the guide? Share here after reading!


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