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NetWits Think Tank Blog

By on Jun 19, 2009


The NetWits Think Tank blog has been churning out some great content lately. There's a growing group of contributors from Blackbaud behind this blog. It's a very good mix of subjects, experts, and advice about thriving in the digital world. Here are a couple of my recent favorites:

Design for Good: 4 Nonprofit Design Principles – Part 1 of 2 by Raheel Gauba – Any article that includes the phrase "Every Pixel has a Purpose" has to be good, right?

Social Media Strategy: 12for12k Challenge with Danny Brown by Frank Barry – Learn more about the 12for12k Challenge and how social media is being used to raise fund and build awareness. 

Tangible Love by Courtney Sakre – This one is about how to make better connections with donors and go beyond the typical "donate here" approach to online giving. 

Recipe for Search Engine Visibility by Dominic Taverniti – This one covers some basics behind better SEO and SEM tactics for nonprofits.


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