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NetWits Summer Camp – Day 3 – Online Fundraising Demystified

By on Aug 26, 2009


This is day three of NetWits Summer Camp and the focus is all about online fundraising. After today we'll be halfway through Blackbaud's five-day series of web seminars.

Be sure to check out the NetWits Think Tank blog or the Blackbaud Internet Resources page to get more online wit and wisdom. You'll find links to blogs, podcasts, whitepapers, webinars, and a whole lot more. Here is a brief recap of today's session:

Online Fundraising DemystifiedOnline Fundraising Demystified
The Internet continues to be the fastest growing area for fundraising in the nonprofit sector. Using a website, email, and other channels can help improve overall fundraising results for your organization. This session cover how nonprofits are taking their online fundraising efforts to the next level and beyond the simple “donate now” button. Here is a brief outline of the session and the major topics covered:

  • Online Fundraising 1.0 vs. 2.0 
  • Myths about Online Fundraising 
  • Online Giving that Gets Results
  • Your Next 6 Months Online 
  • Where We Go from Here

That means we've covered websites, email, and online fundraising so far at NetWits Summer Camp. I'll finish up the series with social media and online metrics later this week.


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