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NetWits Summer Camp – Day 2 – Email Demystified

By on Aug 25, 2009


Today is the second day of Blackbaud's NetWits Summer Camp. The free web seminar series sold out quickly and yesterday's sessions about nonprofit websites was jam packed with people. 

The next session is later today and focuses on using email marketing as part of a nonprofit's online strategy. Here is a brief summary of the session:

Email DemystifiedEmail Demystified
A successful email marketing program combined with an effective website form the core of your Internet efforts. This session will focus on the different types of email communication, ways to build your email lists, and best practices for getting the most out of your email marketing program. Here is a brief outline of the session and the major topics covered:

  • Why All Email is Not the Same 
  • Get Started and Get Growing 
  • Email Dos and Don'ts
  • Using Passive vs. Active Email
  • Email ROI Made Simple 
  • Where We Go from Here

There is always room for improvement with email marketing. I hope today's attendees get a lot out of the session.


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