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Do More with YouTube

By on Dec 28, 2011


You’ve applied and been accepted to the YouTube Nonprofit Program. Congrats! You are ready to start slapping call-to-action overlays on your YouTube videos…but hold on, what is your call to action? How are you going to use this awesome, free resource to help reach your mission?

I’ve got a few ideas for you.

  1. Donate. If you have a general PSA type video, link it back to your annual donation page. (Be sure the page includes a sustained giving option.) If the video is about a specific program you offer, link to a page where potential donors can give to that specific program.
  2. Volunteer. Now that you’ve shown how rewarding it is to feed hungry kittens or help kiddos learn to read, let your viewers be a part of the fun. Link back to a volunteer registration or interest form. Make sure it includes the volunteer opportunity featured in your video.
  3. Newsletter sign up. This is also good for a more generic video and your copy should encourage them to continue learning more about your organization through your email newsletter.
  4. Advocate. Your awesome, emotional video has them pumped to create change – so let them. Help them create change by linking to a petition or a contact-your-representative form.
  5. Learn more. It’s pretty simple. You caught there interest with 30 seconds of video but goodness knows that didn’t communicate the full scope of your program. Simply send them to the webpage that contains the next logical bits of information. For example, if your video is about support groups, it probably makes sense to direct viewers to the support group schedule.

Great! Now you have a call-to-action overlay. Where are you going to embed this awesome video, complete with call-to-action? I’ve got a few ideas on that too.

  1. Website. Use the power of video to help web visitors better understand your organization. One thing to keep in mind here though, make sure the video’s call-to-action overlay doesn’t direct them to the same page you embed the video in. That would just be silly.
  2. Facebook. Use the YouTube long URL to show the video right there on Facebook. (From a video, go to “share,” then “show options,” and finally “long link.”)
  3. LinkedIn Products/Services tab. You may not have “products” exactly, but I bet you have services and programs. Update your org’s LinkedIn page and use your videos to add pizzazz.
  4. Blog. This can be especially great for seasons when your blog team is strapped for time (you know…like the holidays). Embed a video and just write a paragraph or so of text around it for a super-quick-to-post post.

Check out the YouTube Nonprofit Program page for more ideas and best practices on using video to meet your mission.


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