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More Meaningful Gifts

By on Dec 3, 2010


It’s that time of year again, time for a lot of holiday parties, gatherings, and celebrations. And for many of us, a time to exchange gifts. As I sat on the plane home this past weekend reading a magazine on the top 50 gifts under $50, I thought about how much stuff ( I have, how much of it I really don’t need and what really makes for a meaningful gift.

Giving gifts that benefit charity has been a growing trend, helping support important work and providing an easy way to give something meaningful to someone special to you.

Here are my Top 3 for this Year for those with a lot and a little to spend!

Big Spender

  1. The Toilet:  How can you go wrong with a toilet? Everybody needs one.
  2. The Central Park Bench: This just seems so romantic to me.
  3. A Solar Powered Home: Great for those on your list who want to go Green.

Smaller Wallet

  1. The Fruit and Vegetable HOPE eCard: Available for snail mail, e-mail or print and fold. Colorful and beautiful.
  2. The Common Loon: It comes with a plushie! And I’m from Minnesota, so I had to pick the state bird.
  3. A Snuggle Blanket:  Stay warm on a chilly winter night!

Share your top picks in the comments!


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