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Mobile: Where To Start

By on Oct 21, 2011


We’re going mobile crazy here on Connection Cafe! From mobile payments to the great app debate, mobile is a red-hot topic in the nonprofit sector.

Add another feather to your hat of mobile knowledge with this post by Lara Koch. Lara is the Mobile Communications Manager for the Humane Society of the United States and led the Summit session “Mobile: Where to Start.” The following post summarizes key takeaways from her session and includes the slides.

1. Phones are awesome because they give us options! Give mobile users choices on how to give. WWF offers three on their mobile donation form – via “Click to Call,” “Text to Donate,” or the mobile-optimized donation form.

2. Redirection is key. Pages that have mobile-friendly options should automatically detect a user has a mobile device, and present them with the appropriate page.  “Sniffer” code that does this is readily available – just Google it!  Make it easy for your constituents to act on your behalf, no matter where they are.

3. If you direct users to a page where they may use a mobile phone to access it – think: where are you directing them in your e-mails… donations forms?  Advocacy? – there should be a mobile version.  This goes especially for QR Codes: it’s a medium designed for the mobile phone – it should always go to a mobile-optimized page! But don’t worry – it can be done on a budget (making QR codes is free!); The National Partnership for Women & Families used a QR code and built a simple landing page with limited staff time and resources.


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