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Millennial Donors: Please Stand Up

By on May 16, 2013


your next generation of donors

Since I am solidly part of the Millennial Generation (I recently celebrated my 30th birthday!), I thought it fitting to spend a few minutes here on npENGAGE on how to increase donations from my people – that is – folks born between 1980 and 2000.  I used the handy information in this blog post (thanks Thunderhead Works) which I found to be a very accurate recap of Millennial giving trends.

Here are three pithy stats (one for each decade) and associated actions to catch more Millennial dollars:

To Facebook or to Website

65 percent of Millennials prefer to learn about nonprofits through their website and 55 percent prefer to learn through forms of social media. This means you can’t ignore either platform.  I’d suggest making both your social media presence and your website a living, breathing part of your marketing and fundraising strategies.  Don’t fall into the “we have a Facebook, check the box” trap and only post once or twice a week.  We Millennials can tell if you’re phoning it in on social media.

Time or Money

Here’s another tip: 47 percent of Millennials prefer to support nonprofits with their time, while only 16 percent prefer to give exclusively through financial support. Think about your engagement strategy and ensure it goes beyond just opportunities to make financial contributions.  Press dedicated Millennials into service by using their enthusiasm to craft your online strategy or be guest bloggers, write handwritten thank you notes to donors, or mentor younger activists and volunteers.  Remember: the low dollar Millennial donors of today are your major dollar donors of tomorrow.

Peer to Peer

Leverage peer-to-peer fundraising tools (such as TeamRaiser of Friends Asking Friends) and allow Millennials to get involved in your organization through their buddies who are already donors.  Remember, Millennials prefer learning from peers.  Peruse this helpful article on DIY uses for peer-to-peer fundraising tools written by my very fabulous colleague, Nancy Palo!

I’d love your thoughts on Millennial fundraising (and your birthday wishes) in the comments section of this post.  What has worked for you? Do your Millennial donors behave the way the research suggests? How did you ring in your 30th?


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