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Lights.Camera.Help. Nation’s First Cause-Driven Film Festival Now Open To Submissions

By on Apr 20, 2010


David Neff, nonprofiteer extraordinaire, is at it again with the kick-off of the second annual Lights. Camera. Help. nonprofit film festival submission opening. You may remember that last year kicked off the first annual festival which brought the world of film festivals to the hands of worthy causes and passionate supporters. And year two is already proving to be a great year for nonprofit films. The pre-screening previewed video from organizations including the Miracle Foundation and the Scottish Rite Learning Center, and the LCH organization is aiming high to recieve more submissions in 2010 than 2009.

So now the LCH team is asking you: Does your organization have a film that helps promote its cause? Think it could win awards? Celebrating cause-driven films, the 2010 Lights. Camera. Help. festival is now open to submissions. All entries are free. Get in your entries before June 30! To learn more, click here.

Nation’s First Cause-Driven Film Festival Now Open to Submissions
Nonprofits and filmmaking community welcome to submit films for consideration

Lights. Camera. Help., the premier film festival exclusively for nonprofits and cause advocates, has officially opened its doors for 2010 entries. In its second year, the festival celebrates cause-driven films and their messages.

No other film festival brings together filmmakers and nonprofits to share their stories and promote their causes. Last year’s festival brought in over 140 submissions of documentaries, PSAs and short films focusing on cause-driven issues.

“We really want to foster the growth of this industry and offer a place where people looking to use their talents for good can collaborate,” said David J. Neff, creator and co-founder of the organization.

Submissions will be open until June 30 and the submission form can be downloaded at the Lights. Camera. Help. Web site. The festival will be held July 29-August 1 in Austin, Texas.

On March 27, Lights. Camera. Help. commemorated the opening for the call for entries by hosting their Reel-to-Reality party. Bringing together the filmmaking and nonprofit community to support cause-driven films, guests got to preview films by such organizations as Southwest Key, Consumers Union and the Scottish Rite Learning Center. Filmmakers behind the submissions discussed the creative process while members of the different nonprofits explained how cause-driven films have aided their missions.

“We believe that film and video are the best way for nonprofits and other cause-driven organizations to share their stories with the world,” said Rich Vázquez, Lights. Camera. Help. co-founder. “That’s the whole reason behind the film festival and, ultimately, the nonprofit organization overall.”

In July, Lights. Camera. Help. will judge the submissions based on the cinematic quality and the ability to tell the nonprofit’s story, among other factors. The winning films are then awarded the proceeds from the festival’s ticket sales.

Having had the pleasure to attend the events last year and witness the powerful stories and opportunities that video brought to nonprofits small and large, I highly recommend every nonprofit consider partipating in the 2010 event! Have any questions or maybe need help getting started? Contact LCH – they not only run the festival but also offer education and volunteer match programs.


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