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Keep Your School On Track with This Handy Calendar

By on Mar 26, 2014


By Kristin Vila, Blackbaud consultant for Education Edge.

There are things that must be done in your education software throughout the year. While certain things don’t need to happen at specific times, it is helpful to create a calendar for yourself as a guide. Stay on track with these recommendations. Every school is different, so adapt your calendar to fit your school’s needs but order is important!

Key terms to know:

  • The Education Edge: the software application that allows schools to track a database of their applicants and students. The Education Edge has what is called the Admissions Office side of the system for applicants interested in attending your school as well as the Registrar’s Office side of the system for students who do attend your school.
  • Faculty Access for the Web (FAWeb): an online portal where teachers can track an online grade book, enter attendance, enter conduct incidents, and much more.
  • NetClassroom: an online portal where students and parents can log-in and see all of their assignments, grades, attendance, report cards, and more.
  • Online Admissions and Online Re-enrollment: forms that you can add to your school website where applicants can apply online or students can re-enroll for next school year online. The information from these online forms feeds directly into The Education Edge.

Follow these easy tasks by month:


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