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Keep it Simple

By on Dec 19, 2011


The end is upon us!  The end of 2011, that is.  Ken Cantu shared an easy-peasy template last week to help you build an End-of-Year-Fundraising email message.  And one of the most important things he said was “keep it simple!”

So I’m here to repeat that message, and to encourage you to take an objective look at your organization’s homepage.  Try to forget for a moment that you work where you do – imagine yourself outside the fishbowl, clicking onto your org’s homepage because you’re deciding to make a year-end gift.  Pretend that it’s December 31, and you’re feeling the generous holiday spirit, and you’re trying to donate quickly before you go out on the town to a New Year’s Eve party.

Okay, are you there?  Breathe in, breathe out.  Now open your eyes and look at the homepage.  And answer these questions:

  • Is it easy to find the “DONATE” button on your homepage?
  • Is there concise but compelling messaging about why your organization needs the gift?
  • Does it look visually appealing?  Are you motivated to click through?

Now let’s say you’ve clicked through to the donation form.  Here are a couple more questions:

  • Does the link go directly to a form, or does it go to some kind of intermediate page?  Do you have to click through again?
  • Is the form easy to fill out?
  • Are you motivated to fill out the form and give generously?

Or is it too complicated to figure out how to give?  If you had only half-decided to give, would you just give up and find another organization to support, one that made it easier to donate online?

If the answer to that question is yes, then don’t despair – it’s not too late.  You still have time to make it easier for donors to give!  Just keep this principle in mind – it should be simple!

Happy Holidays, and may you all exceed your End-Of-Year fundraising goals!


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