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It’s time for Peer-to-Peer Boot Camp. Have you signed up?

By on Nov 2, 2012


Drop and give me 10!

Just kidding, it’s not that type of boot camp.  Although, you can often find me sitting on my exercise ball instead of a chair and I’ve been known to pause a meeting and request we all do jumping jacks.  Sometimes you need to get the blood pumping to get the ideas flowing.  But, I digress.

Have you signed up for Peer-to-Peer Boot Camp? 

This is the third year, I’ve organized this online education series and I’m super fired up for the year’s classes! Are you excited?  I hope you are and if you’re not signed up or excited about boot camp; I’m here to pump you up (please read in your best Arnold voice).

Boot camp is one of my favorite activities; because it’s all about helping you increase participation and revenue for your events.  Fundraising never gets easy, it’s always challenging.  That’s why we created boot camp and recruited P2P experts to be your friendly trainers. Check out the classes below.

Day 1: Diets Don’t Work Because It’s a Lifestyle

Tuesday, November 6 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Event 360’s Jeff Shuck is kicking off boot camp and helping us take a fresh look at our P2P programs.  It’s time to transition our thinking from simply getting donations to building lasting year-round relationships with participants.  Here’s the thing peer-to-peer fundraising is personal – chances are someone signed up for your event because they’ve been touched by the cause your working to cure, end or bring awareness too.  Why do event programs feel so transactional?  I’m looking forward to hearing Jeff’s thoughts on transactions vs. relationships.

Day 2: It’s Time for Interval Training

Wednesday, November 7 at 2:00 p.m. ET

Charity Dynamics Donna Wilkins’s is my fabulous co-host for day 2.  Interval training is all about maximizing calorie burn by mixing high and low intensity exercises with periods of rest.  Donna and I are borrowing this strategy to help us with build an online experience that generates more successful fundraisers.  This session focuses on moving the masses; the large segment of your fundraisers raising between $85-$300. There’s a ton of potential with our mid-tier fundraisers.

How can we more effectively communicate, empower and inspire these fundraisers to do more?  Donna and I have some ideas for you. This is one of my favorite topics.

Day 3: Personal Trainers Can Help Move the Needle

Thursday, November 8 at 2:00 p.m. ET 

Sometimes you need a personal trainer to get rid of those last 5lbs.  I’ve recruited Blackbaud strategists Nancy Palo and KatieBeth DeSchepper to spend the last hour of boot camp focusing on our top fundraisers.  This group represents smallest percentage of your participants, but they usually contribute the bulk of the revenue. This session tackles how to identify participants who have potential to be top fundraisers and tactics for more personal engagement with these valuable participants.

I hope that when you complete the 3 days of boot camp you’ll have a bunch of ideas that you can incorporate into your fundraising program.  Are you ready to take your fundraising strategy and plan to the next level? 


Amy Braiterman, principal strategy consultant at Blackbaud, supports customers with their peer-to-peer fundraising events with a process she refers to as “data-driven strategy.” Amy’s data driven strategy analyzes how effective event participants are using online fundraising tools and takes those results to develop an event fundraising plan. Prior to joining Blackbaud, Amy earned her fundraising stripes managing events for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Alzheimer’s Association and Share Our Strength. She shares her fundraising know how here on npENGAGE, by hosting educational webinars and speaking at customer conferences

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