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It’s a Multi-Channel World

By on Jun 15, 2011


It’s a multichannel world out there, folks.  Consider this:

In any given day, I might interact with a friend like this:

  • respond to an email about plans to get together for dinner
  • send an instant message to suggest a different restaurant
  • text her to alert her to a new dish on the menu
  • tag her in a Facebook status update about how I’m looking forward to dinner
  • call her on the way to let her know I’m running late
  • talk face-to-face at dinner
  • tag her in a tweet about how the restaurant was great even though I was stressed about having left my wallet at home
  • write her a handwritten note to thank her for paying

And all of this happens fairly seamlessly – to the two of us, it’s just one big long conversation even though each piece of it happened using eight different communication methods – or “channels.”

It’s a similar situation for nonprofits – we have so many methods to communicate with constituents.  Such as:

  • email
  • direct mail
  • telephone
  • events
  • website
  • text message
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • face to face
  • video
  • LinkedIn
  • TV and radio advertising
  • print media

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Add into this that most nonprofits aren’t quite so lucky to have the undivided attention that we give our friends and family.

Herein lies the challenge – there are many methods to communicate with constituents.  Your supporters might be in one of these channels, or a subset – or all of them.  It’s imperative to tell a consistent story and to use each channel to support your goals – but it’s also all too easy to operate these channels in silos.

Convio will have more to say about this later this year, but right now I’m interested in hearing from YOU.  Tell me in the comments how you’re currently managing all of your channels and how you integrate your messages!


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