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Interested in Pinterest?

By on Feb 20, 2012


A handful of nonprofits recently started dipping their toes in the Pinterest waters. You can find a list of a few to follow here.

Personally, I’m not running around thinking every nonprofit needs to develop a strategy for Pinterest now. However, I do think it’s something to watch and if you have capacity and a organizational mission that fits well with visual content, you might want to try it out. Check out this list of tips (these aren’t specifically nonprofit focused, but still useful) if you are moving into Pinterest land. Here are a few good things to keep in mind if you decide to jump in.

  1. Pinterest is visual. People are in it for the pictures and videos. Focus your strategy on your best visual content that you have to share and the visual content out there that reinforces your mission and brand.
  2. Pinterest is growing. They have over 10 million registered users. There’s likely cross over in your supporter lists, so be sure let your supporters on e-mail, facebook, twitter, etc. know if you’re on Pinterest too.
  3. Pinterest users are overwhelmingly female, a recent post reported the number at 80%.  And the lionshare of users are between 25-44 years of age. I expect these number to change over time, but for now, it’s something to keep in mind in terms of the audience you’ll reach.
  4. Pinterest might help you reach people where you normally don’t. The same study above points to Pinterest users being more likely to live in mid-west, plains and southern states than your typical social networker.
  5. Pinterest is not the same everywhere. Check out these differences in use for US vs. UK. I’ll have to ask my colleagues across the pond for their thoughts.





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