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Igniting Your Passion

By on Mar 21, 2011


For me, the first day of the AFP conference was about igniting passion.  The annual conference kicked off yesterday with a new age direct response panel  lead by Debbi Barber, president of Grizzard Communications Group in Atlanta.  Debbi, a direct marketing guru, talked about how we as direct marketers need to think differently about social media.  For years we have considered marketing communications as something we need to control, but social media is not about something you control.  It is about passion and igniting that passion within others.   In order to be successful, we as marketers need to listen, engage and ignite.

During the general session, we learned about the passion and vision of Blake Mycoski, Founder and Chief Shoe Giver for TOMS Shoes.  His one for one business model concept grew out of a day of volunteer work while on vacation in Argentina.  Blake poignantly said it wasn’t the day that he came up with the concept of TOMS shoes that changed his life, it was the day he distributed his first donation of TOMS Shoes to children in Argentina.  Just the simple act of giving can ignite incredible passion.  So, what ignites your passion?


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