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How do I use my website to interact with different audiences? Welcome Adrienne

By on Jun 19, 2012


When you are trying to figure out what to do with a new website, social media presence or campaign, there comes a common puzzler, “What should it look like?”

But, what this question really means, is “how do I design the website to allow my audience to reach their maximum potential?”  And the answer is more than, “make it look good.” The true answer, revolves around breaking your audience into three types of users and giving them all, something to do.  A good, effective website design, does this.

The 3 Common Online Users:

The “Super User” – Give these users clear action items and spotlights when they succeed. This user craves interaction and recognition for spreading your message. They are big believers in your brand. Share buttons, games, and recognition is this persons bread and butter online. And what’s even more important, Super Users are key to promoting your campaign. Invite them to a tweet-up to learn about your new program, tell them how they can help, and feature their success in an upcoming newsletter (and blog post!).

The “Average Joe”Give these users consistency. They are checking your networks on a pretty regular basis so give them consistent design and messaging. They are slowly becoming experts using your online community and like knowing “where to click”. Stop moving buttons all over your site, but keep your content fresh.  Help them become super stars. Offer  in person training and gently ease them into sharing with incentives.

The “Once-in-a-Whiler”Keep it simple. Don’t design your campaign with crazy flash, intricate menus and thousands of social share buttons. This creates clutter and confusion and will affect how often this user returns to your site. Steps, breadcrumbs and clear imagery will ease these users into accomplishing your goal, whether that’s to create a profile, sign up for your e-letter or donate to your campaign.

All users are equally important when considering the design of your campaign. They each have a specific role to play and your design should meet all of their different needs. Your websites functionality is the online soul to your campaign and the “make it or break it” element of finding success on the web. Taking your audience into careful consideration will help steer you onto the right track and help give you online success!


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