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How much do you We We?

By on May 19, 2011


Man with a megaphoneThere is a fantastic tool that I’ve been using for a while now. I refer to it in my email marketing workshops, and I want to get the word out about it!

Have you…

Ever stood back and taken a look at how many times your website talks about your organisation, rather than to your supporters?

When most of us sit down to write our web copy, we tend to start every sentence with ‘At organisation X…’ or ‘Organisation X…’. It’s a natural way of writing that allows us to remain focused on the organisation and its vision and mission.

But what about your supporters ? How engaging do they find this type of writing? Are you sure?

Introducing the We We Calculator

Thanks to @rjleaman, I’d like to introduce you to the We We Calculator. This neat little tool can run a quick scan of your website and tell you how much you talk about yourself versus how much you talk to your supporters. I find it very useful when an organisation first asks me to take a look at their website and to provide some comments around this.

I ran a quick scan of an Australian website as an example for this post and pulled up the following results:

Your Customer Focus Rate: 26.32% (10 customer-focused words)

Your Self Focus Rate: 73.68% (14 self-focused words, and 14 mentions of the Company Name)

You speak about yourself about 3 times as often as you speak about your customers. Might that have an impact on your effectiveness?

Might that have an impact on my effectiveness? Absolutely! We should all be writing copy and content that is supporter-focused and engaging. I don’t want to talk at my supporters, I want to include them in the conversation. If I were to look at improving this website, I’d definitely be attempting to change the copy to become more supporter-focused.

So take a look at how much you We We. You might just be surprised at the results!



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