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Help so it will be there for us in the future

By on Feb 2, 2010


I am willing to bet just about anyone that has worked in the nonprofit sector for a notable amount of time has benefited from the work of  Just glance over their Resources Page and you’ll find a massive number of sections including:
  • A Career Center : Arguably one of the largest and best know career resources for people interested in starting or enriching their career in the nonprofit sector.
  • The Public Service and Graduate Education Resource Center (PSGERC): Articles and help for those considering returning to school for a graduate degree in public service.
  • Mentoring and Teaching tools : Inspiration for up-and-coming leaders and tools to help teachers introduce youth to public service are just a couple of the items that you’ll find to help the next generation of do-gooders get fueled.
  • Nonprofit Organization libraries : The Nonprofit FAQ answers common questions that organizations run into and there are resources for all kinds of staff from webmasters to volunteer managers.
Even if you have gotten assistance from before, perhaps I mentioned a new item or topic that your didn’t already know about.  Every time I come back to their site, I find something new. doesn’t just aggregate existing information and resources, they also produce new content and research for those working in the nonprofit sector.  The site is a project of Action Without Borders, a nonprofit founded in 1995 with a rich history of helping people share resources and information.  I hope that they will be able to continue to enrich our community which is why I am writing about today.
In an appeal to the community late last week, the org’s founder Ami Dar, wrote:
Over the past ten years, most of our funding has come from the small fees we charge organizations for posting their jobs on Idealist. By September 2008, after years of steady growth, these little drops were covering 70% of our budget.
Then, in October of that year, the financial crisis exploded, many organizations understandably froze their hiring, and from one week to the next our earned income was cut almost in half, leaving us with a hole of more than $100,000 each month.
What a shame it would be if a resource that has helped so many organizations find passionate employees and so many talented individuals find meaningful jobs was no longer available? Both parties need a common place to post and find opportunities and has been that place for years.  To ensure that resource is available for future job posters and seekers in the nonprofit sector, we must support now.  You can make a donation and read the full letter from Ami at the following link:  Pass it on to your friends, coworkers, and other organizations.  Tweet it, Post it, Digg it, and donate.

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