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4 Ways to Optimize Your Donation Pages to Grow Monthly Giving

By on Jul 24, 2017


With online giving now a major component of most organizations’ monthly giving programs, it’s imperative that your donation forms are fully optimized. It’s also important to ask for the donation you want. And trust me—you want monthly gifts! In fact, Sustainers in Focus Part 1 revealed that donation revenue has the potential to increase by a whopping 50-300% per donor when you can get them to commit to sustained giving.

By making monthly giving the website default, you are signaling that sustaining support is your organization’s priority. This isn’t to discourage one-time gifts, but instead to say, “If you’re able, this is what we really need.” Think of it the same way you’d share an Amazon wish list with your family during the holidays: It’s a grateful nudge in the right direction.

And it’s a nudge that’s effective. In Sustainers in Focus Part 2, one organization reported that by making recurring giving its website default, its number of recurring gifts improved from 1.6% to 5.5%!

How can you optimize your donation page to grow monthly giving?

Be inspired by these 4 nonprofits that are utilizing their donation pages to encourage recurring gifts.

1. Human Rights Campaign

Not only does HRC’s donation page default to giving monthly, but they’ve also included information about their HRC Partners program with a link showing people other ways they can give. Think about how you can differentiate your monthly giving program from one-time donations to make your sustainers feel special.

Monthly Giving Example

2. Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood puts monthly giving front and center. They also make a note of how much other people are typically giving. Again, ask for the gift you’d most like to receive.

Monthly Giving Example


3. The Humane Society of the United States

The Humane Society’s Humane Heroes donation form tells you a story and makes your gift feel more valuable right from the start. By explaining what donations are used for and why they’re necessary, Humane Heroes helps justify a monthly gift.

Monthly Giving Example


4. KERA TV Station

KERA (PBS and NPR for North Texas) offers a default monthly sustainers program that also presents the donor with some fun, tangible rewards for a monthly gift:

Monthly Giving Example


Compare the $10/month price for this travel thermos to the one-time cost of $120!


Monthly Giving Example
Monthly Giving Example

Are there ways your monthly donor program can further incentivize new sustainers? A donor is already on your website, ready to make a gift for your organization. Capitalize on that momentum by asking for a monthly gift!

Interested in more insights and best practices for sustained giving programs? Check out Sustainers In Focus Part 2: Proven Practices for Success.

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Ali Martinez is an Associate at the Blackbaud Institute for Philanthropic Impact. With experience in social marketing, advertising, and project management, Ali loves combining strategy and creativity to create interesting and effective campaigns. She manages the promotion of Blackbaud’s thought leadership initiatives to establish the Blackbaud Institute brand, maximize exposure, and help provide a seamless experience for key sector experts. She discovered a passion for philanthropy through interning at the Thinkery Children’s Museum and volunteers her time as an animal foster for a local nonprofit. When she’s not writing to-do lists, you’ll find her at a Longhorn football game or hiking around Hill Country.

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  • Eliza Olson says:

    Fantastic suggestions! My organization has promoted monthly giving for years as a silent alternative. this gives me some ideas on how to ramp it up. Thank you.

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