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Fundraising Tips to See 2018 Off the Right Way

By on Dec 13, 2018


Now almost halfway through December, the final days of the year are waning down in the season of giving. Well known as an important time of year for nonprofits and social good organizations of all types, this is a time when the iron is hot and the gifts are flowing. The most recent episode of The sgENGAGE Podcast, Episode 78: Last Minute Tips for Year-End-Giving, takes aim at year-end-giving strategies to help organizations get those last gifts of 2018.

For some the season is daunting. Others are looking to iterate and improve upon an already successful season. No matter where you land on the spectrum, there is still time to implement strategies to increase year-end-giving from your supporters, from diversifying giving channels to donor stewardship to storytelling and more.

Here are some highlights from the expert advice shared by Blackbaud experts Steve MacLaughlin and Tanya Fitzgerald to help organizations get the most out of the last few weeks of 2018:


  • Think about your accomplishments in 2018, pick an impact story and talk about it.
  • Show before and after pictures that showcase your mission and most importantly, how your supporters have impacted the mission.
  • Make the donor the hero of the story, not the organization.

Digital Outreach

  • Social media is a great way to appeal to the masses in a low pressure manner
  • Share a brief series of impact stories with donors
  • Advertise your goal (and how close you are to meeting it) – you might end up getting some extra gifts from supporters who want to help you meet your goal!

After the gift

  • Keep the storytelling going – remind the donor how their gift will make an impact.
  • Treat the donor how you would want to be treated.
  • Don’t wait until January 1st to send your thank yous.

Don’t always ask for money

  • A thank you message to supporters for their help throughout the year may be enough to get your organization in their minds for a gift.
  • Show your donors the success their efforts have created this year. If they feel they’ve made an impact, they are more likely to give again.
  • Having your brand present at this time of year will keep your organization on the mind of supporters as they’re thinking about giving.

Start thinking about 2019

  • Year-end giving doesn’t have to start in December, especially organizations with limited staff and time. You can use all of 2019 to plan your next year-end campaign.
  • Stewarding should happen all year and not just after a gift or event – start pulling together your 2019 stewardship plan if you haven’t already.
  • Planning a campaign from #GivingTuesday through the end of the year can make the season of giving feel like one goal instead of multiple asks just weeks apart.
  • A combination of multiple channels is the best way to fundraise. What new channels can you incorporate in 2019?


Get even more tips by listening to the full episode: Episode 78: Last Minute Tips for Year-End-Giving!


Joe has been with Blackbaud for over three years and supports the brand team as an Associate Marketing Communication Specialist. He is involved with managing content for the npENGAGE website and the sgENGAGE podcast and is thrilled to be in a position to share leading industry trends and ideas within the philanthropic sector. With a passion for animal welfare and the arts, he is a self-proclaimed patron of live music based in New York City who prior to Blackbaud spent more time working with dogs than humans.

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