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Go for the Gold

By on Jul 18, 2012


With the Olympic Games just around the corner I can’t help but feel excited, competitive, and motivated to chase down a dream.

I grew up swimming competitively and every time I watch an Olympic swimming race, my hearts pulses with the desire to get back up on the blocks and go after my personal best times. In my head I see visions of myself making a comeback at the next Olympics by winning the 100m butterfly, followed by top-notch sponsors knocking at my door.

Even though, that dream may be slightly out of reach for me, (I’ve turned into a runner) I can still harness that vision and new found energy to accomplish a big goal.

For example, if you have a new campaign push around the corner, turn to the Olympic Games to bring glory back to your organization.

  1. Create fundraising teams.  Friendly competition is a huge driving force that motivates people to get up and get going. I’ve knocked on doors in the pouring rain, phone banked till dark, and worked events until the cows came home. Good competition creates an abundance of energy.
  2. Set a trial run. Do you have a big event coming up to mark the kick off to your campaign? Hold a trial run with your staff and key organizers. Make sure your game day plan will go off without a hitch. Let your fundraisers practice using any new technology before you send them to the starting blocks.
  3. Broadcast your campaign. If there is one thing the Olympic committee knows- it’s marketing. From TV ads, social media and mobile, the Olympics sets the bar high for sponsors and creates a plethora of opportunities for up to 4 billion people to tune in. Find creative ways to spread your message and event.  Make sure that you offer your sponsors premium spots.
  4. Give them the gold. Not literally, but make sure you give your top supporters recognition and reward for aiding your campaign. Don’t forget this isn’t just major donors. As the saying goes “time is money” so reward your staffers and supporters who sweated it out till the end.

What big dream are you going to chase after this summer?

Use the spirit of the Olympics to bring new motivation and vision to your strategic plans.

Even though I’m not doing much swimming any more, I’m planning on using the energy I get from this Olympic Games to fuel my long runs as I train for the NYC Marathon. And you never know… maybe you’ll see me doing laps at the pool too!


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