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Ending the Year With a ? May Help Start Next Year with a !

By on Dec 27, 2012


It’s December 27th.  Your belly is full, stockings are empty, naps are long (hopefully) and attention spans are short.  You’re likely using this week to reflect on your year, both personally and professionally, and you may even begin to look forward to what 2013 will bring.

In all likelihood, your supporters are doing the same.  So, how can you use this time of contemplation to serve your mission?

In my opinion, it’s not the day for fundraising.  While you want to be available for those last minute tax-deduction donations, this week can be better spent in other ways.

So, what SHOULD you do this last week of 2012?

You should ASK.

Ask questions.  Ask for feedback.  Ask for suggestions.  Ask for opinions.  Ask for  ideas.  Take advantage of your supporters’ reflective mindset to find out more about them and how you can better serve your mission.

The easiest place to grab their attention during this time of relaxation and reflection is on social media.  And, as a more “personal” social media tool, Facebook should be your focus.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Tactic:  Fun Posts.  Result: Increase shares, comments and activity

Post a funny, interesting or unique photograph from one of your 2012 events and ask people to caption it.  You’ll be entertained and pleasantly surprised at the comment response!

Tactic: Ask for feedback. Result: Increase trust, loyalty, honesty and engagement

What can you do better?  How do current events relate to your mission?  What event did they enjoy the most? It’s a little risky, but effective and extremely helpful insight into how you can improve in 2013.

Tactic: Ask for ideas.  Result: Provide sense of involvement, communication

Planning a gala in March and need a theme?  Ask your supporters to name it!  Make it worth their while by sending the winning name free tickets to the event.

Or, ask specifically how they live their life in a way that supports your mission (example below) – you will find “super fans” and ambassadors to your brand, not to mentioned your inspiration will be renewed.

Now, get started!  And remember these tips for more engaging posts as you form yours:

  • Facebook posts that end with a question have 15% more likes.
  • Use words like: Post, Comment, Share, Where, When Would, Should and Like to improve activity
  • Keep Your Posts Short
  • Post Photos, Videos and Quotes
  • Ask for your Fans Opinions
  • Ask Questions (true/false, yes/no)
  • Use “Fill in the Blank” Posts
  • Give Fans Access to Exclusive Information
  • Reward your Fans with Deals and Perks
  • Be Timely
Remember – these are simply tips and guidelines.  The bottom line is, don’t overthink it!  Enjoy yourself and create posts that come from the heart of your organization and of your mission.  That’s what will connect with supporters the most, and you’ll close out the year on a positive, inspiring note, ready to hit the ground running for a successful 2013!

Now, please share in the comments – how will you ASK on Facebook this week?

Source: Dan Zarrella’s How to Get More Likes, Comments and Shares research

Credit to Mike Snusz for the posting tips mentioned above – learned many of those from one of his social media workshops – follow him on Twitter, you’ll learn a lot more goodies.


After graduating from Clemson University, Kelley Jarrett began her career as an advertising and branding strategic account manager in Atlanta, where she helped both for-profit and nonprofit organizations realize their branding goals through web strategy, marketing and advertising. In 2003, Kelley joined Blackbaud and now is the market manager for Blackbaud’s new creative design agency,Guide Creative where she uses her passions for bringing creative ideas and online strategy to nonprofits together.  She speaks annually at Blackbaud’s Conference for Nonprofits as well as various nonprofit trade conferences on the topics of web strategy and design.  Kelley lives downtown Charleston, SC, is married to an architect, has two little girls and enjoys urban gardening, chicken farming, living close (enough) to the beach, and live music.

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