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Don’t Panic!

By on Dec 5, 2011


The following post is by Esther Pomeleo-Fowler, Convio’s Director of Client Care Services.

Well, here we are in December again, and most nonprofit organizations find themselves with mission critical fundraising to be managed and a staff who need time off with their families for the holidays.  It’s a tough balancing act, but there are a few pre-holiday tips that might reduce some of the end of year stress.

Tip #1
Don’t panic! 

Tip #2
When sending an email with an end of year appeal to your constituents, don’t let the importance of the email rattle you; you send important fundraising emails throughout the year – you know what you are doing. Sure, your audience for this appeal is significantly larger and, of course, the entire world is sending ten times the number of emails than usual this time of year…so, take a breath and let the email build, queue and send. Don’t cancel. Don’t re-send. Don’t panic.

Tip #3
If you suddenly find yourself responsible for an end of year task because the person who normally takes care of this is spending some holiday time with their family and friends, don’t panic! If you are a Convio client, you can utilize the “”Hi, I’m New Here” – Welcome New Administrator” resources in the Convio LearnCenter to get you started. The Convio support team will be working throughout the holidays to help you if you get stuck – just log in to

Tip #4
Please save a copy of any email campaign or appeal that you might revise at the last minute; this is a good tip at any time of year, but during the holidays, it’s particularly important when you are running with a skeleton crew who may be a little rusty with the tools. And remind your skeleton crew about Tip #1.

Tip #5
Even if it’s late at night, or Sunday morning, or New Year’s Eve – just file a support ticket with a P1 severity and we’ll call you right back and help you through your problem. We know how important this time of year is to you, your organization and your constituency. We’ll be here; don’t panic.


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