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Don’t miss the boat

By on Jun 13, 2011


It causes me pain when I see someone miss the boat…especially when I realize I’m that someone.

This is what happened with Convio’s LinkedIn company page. It was out there but it was really outdated and somewhat neglected. It took a friendly push from one of my marketing colleagues to get me on my game with our company page. And man, am I glad I did!

When I started Googling “best practices for companies on LinkedIn” and started reading, I realized I wasn’t just missing the boat, I was missing the whole bloody cruise.

LinkedIn has more than 100 million members, including executives from every one of the Fortunate 500 and making it the world’s largest online professional network. (I hope you are reading that and thinking “donors and board members and employees – oh my!”) There’s also more than 750,000 groups and a million company pages.

Convio’s company page alone has more than 900 followers. Hello opportunity!

In less time than it would take to add the task to my Outlook, I was able to make some really effective updates. And now, after that long intro, here’s the four things I’m suggesting you do today to your organization’s LinkedIn page (make sure you claim it first).

  1. Contact info & description. Add your address, phone number and website. People want to connect with you outside of LinkedIn too so let them. For your description, you can just use your mission statement. Since it’s succinct and comprehensive (right?) it should be perfect.
  2. Logos. On the overview tab you can add logos, one of whatever shape and one that is specifically square. Very simple, just upload that sucker. Done.
  3. Social Media. Also on the overview tab you can add your nonprofit’s Twitter account and your blog’s RSS feed. Super simple, just copy and paste. And what’s great about this is it will continually add new content to your page from social media activities you are already doing. Score.
  4. Products & Services. Maybe “products” aren’t the best way to describe what you can offer, but I bet you have services also known as “programs.” Whatever they are – delivering meals, teaching computer classes, offering tax assistance – add them to the Products & Services tab. (In fairness, this one might take several minutes, depending on how many programs you add. If you are really strapped for time, I suggest just picking your 2-3 flagship programs.)

Go. Do them all right now. Don’t even put a task in your Outlook. Just open another tab in your browser and get on it.

I’m telling you – you don’t want to miss this boat.

Convio on LinkedIn


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