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Donors Come in All Shapes and Sizes

By on Dec 12, 2012


End of the year is not only a busy time for retail but for nonprofits as well.  The last couple of months of the year we see an influx of events, mailings, meetings with donors, volunteer opportunities and more.  Once we have successfully navigated our way through the holiday season it is time to focus on the new year ahead and starting out with a little analysis of your donors.  The purpose of this analysis can be in helping converting donors to the next level and helping the organization in being strategic in focusing in on the right prospects and donors for the future.

Here are some questions we can be asking ourselves of our donors:

Who volunteered during the holiday season?  Remember volunteering is donating precious time and should be acknowledged.  This is an extremely busy time for everyone and by taking to the time to volunteer shows an investment and an affinity with your organization.  Look at how many times they volunteered their time and if any monetary giving also resulted throughout the last year.  Develop a stewardship program around your volunteers to not only help them to keep coming back but to make sure they donate time and money!

Who are the current corporate and foundation donors who made a year-end gift?  This is great time to do some data mining on these constituents.  First of all you need to see if the gifts are soft credited to an individual.  Strengthen the relationship with that individual and find ways for them to give individually if not already doing so.  I would also see if there is opportunity for them to partner with you on getting gifts from key individuals from their organization.

Separate out your reoccurring donors and your new donors and continue the analysis.  Look at a 3 year giving pattern of your repeat donors and see if their giving has increased, decreased or remained steady.  Be sure to determine if a prospect’s giving has reached a plateau is it being defined by you or the donor themselves.  Size of gift is also a key factor in hoping to identify a whole new group of individuals that you can work on with regards to transitional giving.

For your new donors begin the process of determining their affinity to your organization and how you can engage them in the upcoming year.  Initial gift size can help in determining if they could be future high level giving prospects for your organization.

Finally, whether they are volunteers or new donors, determine if they should be run through a wealth screening or if they should be rescreened based on the last time they were screened.


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