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Donation Form Optimization: A new report available from Donordigital and Convio

By on Oct 20, 2010


A new report from Donordigital and Convio reveals some interesting findings about web donation forms. After a series of tests on seven large US nonprofit organizations general web forms, the report concludes there is NO single approach or “best practice” that works on every donation form.

That’s kind of a bummer considering all fundraisers and marketers love a good benchmark or best practice to model our efforts. But, there IS a silver lining. The report does uncover which elements on donation forms most influence donor “conversions,” and that can make your testing faster and cheaper, just in time for the all-important year-end giving season. On this front, there are several important discoveries to share.

Results suggest the following elements meaningfully affect user behavior on most donation forms:

  • Form length: A one-page form does significantly better for most organizations.
  • Column layout: One or two columns – let your audience decide.
  • Trust seals: Prominent placement above the fold matters, and more than one may help too.

There is tons of fundraising goodness in this report including detailed test results, screenshot examples of web forms, recommendations on conducting your own testing and more. You can download the full report here.

And, if you are attending the Convio Summit #convio10 next week in Baltimore, be sure to check out the session, Raise More Money Through Stronger Donation Form Conversion on Tuesday, October 26 @ 1:00 – 2:15 PM. Panelists include Nick Allen and Dawn Stoner from Donordigital, Vinay Bhagat from Convio, Steve Kehrli, Development Director at PETA and David Glass, Director of Online Fundraising at World Wildlife Fund.



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