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Does Suggested Content Capture Your Imagination?

By on Nov 5, 2010


Yesterday, Chris Clark, product manager for Blackbaud Internet Solutions, shared the highlights of Blackbaud NetCommunity version 6.25, generally available in October. More than a dozen features have been added or significantly enhanced in the new version, including improvements to the way photos are managed, the ability to copy sites, and transaction management capabilities that go even further in serving donors by intuitively blurring the lines between online and offline giving.

As a marketer, I found the new Suggested Content feature the most exciting. With this function, Blackbaud NetCommunity now learns what visitors are interested in, suggests timely, relevant content, and engages your constituents online by serving up the content that best meets their needs. The feature works whether visitors are logged in or anonymous. The possibilities to tailor content to visitors and provide engaging online experiences are endless!

Does Suggested Content capture your imagination? Or are you more excited to let visitors view lifetime giving totals and pay offline pledges?

Take another look at the BBNC 6.25 webinar (recording | slides) and tell us what you can’t wait to get your hands on!


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