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Current Online Activities in Asia-Pacific Nonprofits

By on Nov 14, 2010


Blackbaud has just released the 2010 State of the Not-for-Profit Industry Survey Results for Asia Pacific. After completing a quick review of the results, I believe there are some interesting statistics that can help give us a picture of what online priorities Asia-Pacific organisations have.

According to the survey, “websites are most frequently used to to market the organisation and educate the public about the organisation’s mission. The second most frequently cited use of the organisational website is for communicating with constituents. The top driver of online donations to email to current donors, followed by direct mail promotion of online giving.”Ticked checkbox

Some Highlights

  • Over 66% of organisations manage their website in house
  • 43% rated their website as very effective in meeting their strategic internet goals
  • 52% assign responsibility for website to marketing/communications/public relations departments
  • 64% of organisations actively raise funds online
  • 69% use email to drive donations
  • 53% indicated that email to current donors is the top driver of online donations

About half of the surveyed organisations use social media currently, with a third planning to use it to some extent in the future.

It appears that a majority of Asia-Pacific Non-Profits use their website primarily as an engagement and communication tool, with online giving coming in second. Appeals by email also appear to play a major role in soliciting donations.

So how is this relevant to you?

Well, if you’re one of the organisations that falls into the above data sets, I have some tips on how you can expand your online presence from here:

  1. Consider optimising your website for online donors. You should be able to drive online donations from general web traffic, as well as your email lists. Take into account your search presence, landing pages, form usability and the general usability of your website overall.
  2. Make sure you have an email strategy in place that does more than just solicit donors. Ensure you mix up your content and that it’s engaging between asks. A ratio of 4:1 is a good benchmark: ensure that for every 4 emails you send out, you only have one that directly solicits funds. Any more than this, and you are likely to find that the return on your emails is limited, and that the number of unsubscribes acros your email lists skyrockets.
  3. Consider your key online goals and make sure that your website reflects these. Have a long hard brainstorm away from your website, and then go back to it and question if your priorities are being reflected through the content and architecture. What’s currently listed on your home page? Does this reflect your online priorities?
  4. If you place importance on online fundraising, ensure that your fundraising team has input into your website. What can your fundraisers bring to the mix that your marketing and communications teams may have overlooked? Can you use their knowledge to further your online giving programme?

What are your thoughts? Do you fall into any of the above categories? How are you going to try to improve your online performance from here?


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