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CRMs and Crock Pots

By on Feb 5, 2014


By Stacey Finnegan, Sr Product Marketing Manager at Blackbaud

I was recently trapped inside my house for a few days due to an ice storm. Knowing full well that this storm front was approaching, I stock piled my fridge with items to make all my favorite crock pot meals. While prepping the first one, I marveled at the simplicity of this great invention and appreciated the ease-of-use and a thought came to mind. What does a Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) solution and crock pots have in common? I know, strange question, but stick with me because I have a point to make, I promise. Drumroll please…NOTHING!

But for some reason, they often get treated and used the same way. With a crock pot, you can dump all your ingredients into it, turn it on, and expect to have a wonderful meal after 8 hours. Many organizations, implement a new CRM in the same manner.Crock Pot

  • Step 1, migrate legacy data.
  • Step 2, turn it on.
  • Step 3, go about your daily routine while having expectations of gained efficiencies, improved campaign results, and better connections with your donors and supporters.

But these benefits can’t be realized if you do not know what features and best practices will enable those results.

The technology industry often talks about CRM and the “connectivity” that it can create between an organization and supporters. I’m one of the guilty parties, I admit. Connectivity can mean a lot of things and often, we don’t actually quantify what that means to a nonprofit. In the following infographic, “Achieve Out-of-this-World Results with the Right CRM” we took on the challenge to actually provide quantifiable results that can be achieved by implementing best practices and enabling those best practices with key abilities within a CRM. By providing the expected quantifiable results, you can prioritize your efforts and simplify your approach to strategically using a CRM to retain more supporters, raise more money, and improve overall fundraising performance. After all, successfully using a CRM shouldn’t have to be rocket science.


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