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CRM and the Year 2013- A Match Made in New Year’s Resolution Heaven!

By on Jan 15, 2013


Exercise classes.

Organizing your closet which is busting at the seams.

Being 15 minutes early to everything.

Well, we have made it to middle of January- how many of you are still hanging on with your New Year’s resolutions?  OK, a few hands are still raised… well, let’s kick off 2013 for all of you thinking about (or contemplating) what CRM means for your organization.

Let’s start 2013 with a BANG! Please share in the comments below what you are planning on focusing on. Need some ideas? Here are a few sample CRM resolutions that you can “borrow”….

  • We are ready to take CRM to the next level- social and mobile here we come!
  • We want to truly get a complete view of our constituents- and not have to go to 593 different places to see it
  • We need to get our data in SHAPE- bring on the data cleanup aerobics and segmentation shape up!
  • We want to learn more about what CRM means for us… 2013 is only the beginning.

We look forward to hearing everyone’s responses! Want to hear some predictions about what’s in store for 2013? Check out Miriam Kagan’s post with the 3 CRM Predictions for 2013.

Cheers to an awesome 2013!


As the Director of Vertical Marketing and Strategy for Blackbaud’s Higher Education Solutions group, Tiffany is accountable for leading the strategic management and execution of the team’s go-to-market strategy across the entire higher education landscape in North America. Key areas of responsibility include the strategic planning, commercialization and go-to-market execution of launching solutions and services to meet the ever-changing needs of Higher Education institutions. Additionally, Tiffany leads the team that evaluates and introduces new solutions to the market to affect the entire income stream on campus through partnership and acquisition- one recent example is the acquisition of AcademicWorks scholarship and award management solution into the Blackbaud portfolio in April 2017.

Tiffany maintains a strong commitment to nonprofit leadership and has served on a number of nonprofit boards and steering committees supporting her alma mater, mentorship programs for women beginning careers in Marketing and Technology as well as organizations combatting the many issues that arise with hunger and homelessness in our community. Tiffany currently serves as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Lowcountry Food Bank.

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